Breaking Ground at Camp Ruth

dsc04032We at Sure Foot Adventures are extremely excited to announce that we have broken ground at our new camp near Stone Mountain.

The 30-acre Ruth Lord Memorial Camp is a 20-minute drive from Atlanta and will be the home for many of Sure Foot’s day programs and periodic overnight camping trips.

dsc04028Today, I took a group of 5 Kingfisher Academy students to the Camp and we marked three new trails and built a fire pit at the campground location. Of course, we also climbed in the “elephant tree” and played in Little Stone Mountain Creek (which runs through the camp).

Here’s the master plan for the camp:

dsc04039We want to keep everything as primitive and “Leave No Trace” as possible, so we’re building trails to minimize the impact caused by bushwacking. Our campground area is in the center of the camp, away from the creek to avoid human contamination. The campground is edged by large hardwoods and will contain a fire pit area covered by a high tarp to allow programs to occur even when it’s raining. Tent pads will be spaced evenly around the camp.

Adjacent to the campground is a very large fallen oak which we will turn into an outdoors classroom. How? We will clear brush and small limbs from beneath the cage of large limbs created by the fallen tree. Within the embrace of these limbs, we’ll build benches. What a nice way to “recycle” a fallen tree. Any limb we remove from the dead tree will become firewood at the campground.

Want to help develop the campground? Interested in participating in a future program at Camp Ruth? Contact us!