Knots & Shelters Workshop

round-turn-and-two-half-hitches Knots are one of the most famous (and famously difficult) outdoors skills. Though hard work, but knots can be a lot of fun!

What is this workshop about? In this hands-on workshop, participants learn the principles of knot-tying, eight specific knots & hitches, and use their new skills to construct a efficient and effective tarp shelter.

Where is the workshop held? We can come to you!

Why is this workshop important? Even if you never plan on being in a survival situation, knowing how to tie knots and hitches can make your life much easier. Never again will you have to struggle with rope, twine, or string, dealing with tangles and hoping that your makeshift knot will hold. And in an outdoors or survival situation, this knowledge can be a lifesaver!

What will we do? History, technique and terminology of knot-tying is covered, and individual knots are introduced in order of complexity, so participants can feel successful while being challenged with increasing difficulty.

At the end of the workshop, participants work together, using each of the knots covered in the workshop, to construct a tarp shelter capable of protecting the whole group from the elements. This project provides reinforcement and real-world application of the new skills as well as a sense of accomplishment for the group.

What will we learn? Knots & hitches covered include: overhand knot, double half hitch, slippery hitch, taut-line hitch, bowline, slippery figure eight, prusik, and trucker’s hitch. This class teaches Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, history and vocabulary, physics, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and survival skills.