Chattooga Overnight

I’ve been meaning to at least post a photo or two of this COLD trip with Shira B. We’ve been trying to take a trip to the woods for the past month and finally got a dry day. However, the temperature dropped into the low 20s by daybreak. Here is Shira with “snow” (really just frozen condensation from the tent) on her arm:

Shira in the "snow"Despite the cold, we stayed warm with LOTS of layers on, a nice fire in the evening and morning, and we were able to explore the area around Dicks Creek Falls, north on the Bartram Trail to Warwoman Creek.

Jonah by the FallsThis location is perfect for family trips–it feels like the true wilderness, even though we were only a 20 minute walk from our vehicle. To celebrate, I climbed a tree:

Monkey in TreeAnd Shira stayed much closer to the ground, and closer to the trees!

Shira the TreehuggerI can’t wait to travel back to this location with Hill Country Montessori families!