Raising City Chickens Workshop


Raising chickens is the newest and most popular way to get local food while raising fun & unique pets. If you’re thinking of starting your own coop or just want to learn more about backyard chickens, this class is for you!

What is this workshop about? Sure Foot’s Jonah McDonald and his flock of chickens together teach this workshop on urban farming. In this hands-on workshop, participants learn all the skills needed to raise chickens in their backyard.

Where is the workshop held? We bring the workshop – and the chickens – to you!

Why is this workshop important? Many Americans have no idea how their food is produced. This workshop helps us reconnect with the food chain and teaches farming and husbandry skills that many urbanites have lost.


What will we do? The workshop begins with participants being introduced to the birds and learning how to handle them. Once participants are comfortable with the animals, they learn about the anatomy of chickens, life cycle, design of coops, feeders, and waterers, daily care, predators, diseases, and use of chicken products including eggs, compost, and meat. Time is spent comparing factory-farming practices and small-scale, local farming.

Every activity in this workshop is hands-on and the goal is for participants to leave feeling comfortable and competent in handling and caring for fowl. One of the greastest benefits of this class is that participants learn how their food (eggs and meat) is produced.

What will we learn? Urban farming practices, anatomy & zoology, where their food comes from, and farming economics.

And of course, you’ll meet Spilly the famous blind chicken! Find her on Facebook at facebook.com/spillychicken