Spend a night or two under the stars. Wake up to birdsong instead of your alarm. The only place you have to be is right where you are — cooking around the campfire, dipping your toes in a river, and reconnecting with friends and family.

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For folks interested in an overnight adventure without the noise, sights or stink of developed car-camping grounds, Sure Foot’s family-friendly camping trips are specifically for you. We prepare as if going on a backpacking trip—with lightweight gear and yummy camp meals. But instead of a long walk with heavy packs, we walk no more than a half-mile from our vehicles to set up camp. And then we’re free to do whatever you like: check out the nearest waterfall, play games around a campfire, pull out a sketch pad, or try your hand at some tree-climbing.

Our guides take care of details — like routes, gear, food, directions and safety — so you get to show up for a hassle-free adventure in some of Georgia’s most scenic locations.

CLICK HERE to build your own custom camping adventure!

For you detail-oriented folks, check out our FAQs page or read some of the nitty-gritty below:

Skills: Because our Mini-Backpacking trips are modeled on backpacking, participants learn all skills necessary to be fully autonomous in the woods: cooking on a fire or backpacking stove, water purification, pitching tents and tarps, knots, orienteering & map reading, hanging food away from animals at night, etc. We teach the group how to set up camp fully – taking care of all necessary tasks – and then allow for relaxation time and exploration of the surrounding area.

Gear: Sure Foot provides all group gear (including all tents, water purification, stoves and cookware, maps, compass, rope, and first aid kit, etc.) and can rent backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads to participants. You’ll need to pack your own clothes and personal items, but Mini-Backpacking trips are designed so you can just show up and go camping. For more specifics, see our sample gear list.

Meals: As on all of our trips, we at Sure Foot Adventures pride ourselves in serving gourmet trail-cooked meals. We never use pre-prepared, freeze-dried meals or army-issue MREs. For examples of Sure Foot trail meals, see our Backpacking page or our Food Ideas list.

Length & Participants: Three-days and 2-nights is the most popular length for Mini-Backpacking trips, but we lead trips of any length. Mini-Backpacking trips work particularly well for families with younger children and for groups that seek relaxation and intend to offer specific programming for participants.

Entertainment: It is Sure Foot’s goal not to over-program any of our trips. Our entertainment includes sunsets, waterfalls, birds, day hikes, off-trail exploration, and mountaintops. In the evenings, we enjoy s’mores around the campfire, when possible. Also, Sure Foot’s lead guide Jonah McDonald is a storyteller and board member of the Southern Order of Storytellers, so you can expect stories around the campfire as well.

Leadership: Sure Foot provides two experienced, knowledgeable, confident guides for all overnight trips. At least one guide is trained as a Wilderness First Reponder, with Wilderness First Aid and Professional CPR certifications. On all co-ed trips, we ensure that there is a male and a female adult leader.