Geocaching Workshop

Whether you’re a grownup or still a kid, treasure hunts are such fun! Now combine that with hiking and technology and you’ve got Geocaching!

What is this workshop about? This adventure workshop introduces participants to the international treasure-hunting game called geocaching. Geocaching combines GPS technology, orienteering, hiking, awareness of nature, and common sense into a game that people of all ages love.

Where is the workshop held? Grant Park, Davidson-Arabia Park, Stone Mountain Park

Why is this workshop important? Using a game like Geocaching to introduce information about orienteering, nature-awareness, and physical fitness is a great teaching tool. Shouldn’t all learning be fun? This workshop sure is.

What will we do? Participants are introduced to basic concepts of map-reading, compass-orienteering,  longitude & latitude, GPS technology, then the group is split into geocaching teams. Each team takes a turn to lead the group on one leg of the hike in search of a geocache. Members of each team use map, compass, clues, and GPS unit to navigate to and locate the geocache. When participants find each geocache, they are allowed to trade small items found inside each geocache container. En route to each geocache, the group is introduced to native flora and fauna along the trail.

What will we learn? Orienteering (including longitude & latitude, compass skills, map skills, and GPS technology), awareness of nature, botany, zoology, and physical fitness.